your big kid

Becoming a Big Kid is a fascinating process of formation. At times you can almost see a shift from one stage to the next. But more often, growth happens when you’re not looking.

Somehow the strong cords of nurture, safety, training and consistency all come together to brace your child’s wonderful soul. Out of ordinary life and practiced presence, from school and homework times, connecting in the car, over family meals, and sometimes from minor disasters, your Big Kid becomes stable, resilient.

Big Kids are becoming unique. That means knowing who they are, and who their people are, and why they’re important. Big Kids become competent by learning what makes them strong, and what makes them vulnerable. They learn right from wrong, they need fairness, and we allow them to experience the power of consequences. By watchful encouragement, our Big Kids gain independence, and we experience their deep affection. We also watch them grow in empathy and connection with others. And their conversations move us. They speak from innocence and imagination. Their trust is sacred. Their logic is often pure and principled. There is so much to learn from our Big Kids, and many moments to celebrate…

Birthdays and fun days, parties and Sundays, Everyday beginners, and dinners for winners!

Sandbox helps Big Kids discover their best fit, flattering colors, even their signature look. We love helping them recognize the power of appropriate attire.