your toddler

All systems go! Your toddler is all about speed in ever widening circles around you. Giggling one moment, sobbing the next, bursting forth, then learning pause, their motion sets the pace for family life.

But could these unpredictable dynamos also carry a secret? Watching them always reminds us that if you want to learn something well, learn how to play! Toddlers are all about trying. For them, life is an endless, exciting game.

Want to find out what’s safe? Explore!

Want to test how far you can wander outside the circle? Run!

Want to press some fascinating people buttons? Play!

Need to figure out who’s a friend? Start a game.

This is how they seem to effortlessly absorb language. This is how musicians, athletes, scientists, leaders emerge. Playing is the best way to practice being exactly who you are. Toys and towers, crayons and costumes, dolls, action figures, and fields become the improbable building blocks of their future. And the best part of it all? You’re learning too! It is so much fun becoming your toddler’s best coach, comforting, challenging, and cultivating character, one game at a time.

Sandbox celebrates the joy of play! Our creative space lets preschool age children have fun playing dress-up. In fact, we think getting dressed should just as much fun as getting grubby! As young children dress up in our family-friendly showroom, they learn to appreciate fun clothing, beautiful colours, seasonal attire and playful accessories accessories that accentuate personality. All the while, you’re cultivating a robust sense of self-esteem.