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Believe in The Magic of Christmas

"The more I wonder, the more I love."

― Alice Walker

December arrives with crisp evenings and kaleidoscope clouds. Sweet cookies, warm sweaters, twinkling lights and piney scents fill each day with wonder on the countdown to Christmas. While there is so much to plan for, and even more to do, there’s just something wondrous about the holidays…

Christmas is personal. Tangible. Memorable. Christmas crawls in our memories, and stays in our dreams. Christmas is innocence, hope, and a promise-keeper. Just believe!


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Getting ready for Baby's arrival is a big deal. You could use some help from the experts...other Moms, that is.

Proven advice from our staff Moms + your Checklist + a  convenient, online system that simplifies support from friends and family = everything you need  to feather your nest and welcome  the precious gift of life.

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